Welcome to Loor

Hi, my name is Anastasia!

I have 11 years of formal and traditional academic art education behind my back, a diploma with honors, and… This means nothing, woudln’t you agree?

No, of course it means a lot! This gives me an ability to use my rich experience in traditional art, and bring harmony into your house and life through my work.

I’m sure you’ll find my works to be inspiring yet sometimes very subtle; exactly the thing we need our eye to stumble upon from time to time.


Letting art create itself

is how I work

Currently I mostly use watercolor to create my artwork, or, as I sometimes feel, I’m only letting the paint interact with paper, and in a way, the creative process becomes a dialogue between me and my tools.

I only operate with ideas and concepts, never knowing what is going to come out of them. I feel that this is the beauty of creating art: when you start, you’re trying express yourself to the world, but if you do your best, then in the end the world expresses its beauty through your art.

This is probably my creative goal.


is the concept behind my artwork

Some art is created to be looked at.

But I’m trying to create paintings that could merge with the world around them, become not a point of interest, but a finishing stroke to a good looking surroundings.

I’m in love with the subtlety of Scandinavian interiors for their minimalism; I’m feeling that a good interior design should become a good background, sometimes for stimulating human creativity, and sometimes for just letting a person feel like home, to have a rest.

I’m hoping that my artwork could become an element of someone’s home, giving some amount of inspiration in someone’s everyday life.